Brewery Complex for Leaford St. George

 Brewery Complex

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The brewery Complex for Leaford St. George Leaford St. George is a 4mm scale Great Western layout currently under construction by the HHMRS.

The main brewery building is loosely based on an artists impression of the Abbey Brewery in Burton-on-Trent.

The adjoining low relief warehouse and offices with arched access are entirely freelance, built to suit the space available. The models comprise card shells stiffened internally with card and balsa wood. They are then covered with plastic sheet, which is embossed in scale brickwork for the walls and slate for the roof. The windows were painted, glazed and fixed in position before the walls were glued together.

External details such as lintels, window sills, gutters and drainpipes were added after the main shell had been assembled. The buildings were finished with enamel paints and “dirtied” with either acrylics or weathering powders. Further details including a canopy over the loading bay, barrels, crates and personnel are yet to be added.